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Crownroad Rainbow Film
Release date:7/7/2013  View count:4428  Publisher:Shantou Crownroad Plastic Co.,Ltd


1、Range of application: Paper laminating (illusory color paper) and printing; fabrics fit (illusory color fabric / ribbons, etc.); and plastic / leather fit (Rainbow PET / PVC sequins); and cardboard fit (card / Handle bags); used as Christmas ornaments / crafts / gift packaging / candy packing paper / flowers Packaging / shop window decorations etc.

2、Commonly used colors: green with red background, golden with blue background, purple with blue background.

3、Packaging: paper roller with a single volume under the plastic splint package, 9 rolls / pallet

4、Refer to the table (see the table) for standard specifications.


II.URSeries, U.S Rainbow Film

1、Features: well-distributed color, gloss elegance color, excellent brightness and transparency, smooth as the mirror, without poor printed quality of common rainbow films, acid resistance & alkali-proof, good adsorption capacity of ink.

2、Range of application

1)、Anti-counterfeiting printing: the multicolored characteristic can create a unique anti-counterfeit effect.

2)、Top grade label: drawing attention and enhancing product grade.

 3)、Lamps and lanterns: creating a fantastic and gorgeous light.